The world seen mostly looking up even when things aren't.


New Orleans, LA  2008 black and white series on the New Orleans company before its move from the CBD.  Located on Camp Street  since 1960 the company's retail and manufacturing headquarters was a time capsule of manufacturing methods, tools and traditions. 

Hasselblad and Acros 120. The very last film project.

From 2008 one of my last film projects shot in Erie, PA my hometown. The last vestiges of an industrial past. Some equipment dating back to the 40's.

Hasselblad and Acros 120.

On HWY 61 near Norco, Louisiana sits a lonely jet fighter. 

Phase One P40+, Cambo tech camera

New Orleans, LA  Chance encounter with a train loaded with returning armor from Iraq.  I only had 15 minutes or so to photograph these tanks on a dreary day, but it is something I will never forget. 

Blue Angel (1 of 1).jpg

Some weird, unusual and sometimes beautiful things I have photographed.


Outside a small town in Mississippi.  Piles of fading fun time rides.


Wacky hotel near the New Orleans Airport.

Easter with spirit!


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